Zero Down Payment

We identify the right Solar Solution for you

Tailor made to suit your home and budget, we offer attractive and sustainable payment plans for stress-free Solar living.

Our Rent-to-Own schemes are provided through our approved network of Solar Professionals.


Go Solar Now in 6 Simple Steps


Straightforward Assessment

Our PV systems are designed to match your current power consumption.

We use first-class simulation software to identify the best system for your home according to the orientation, solar irradiation, azimuth and past Cyprus weather statistics.


Limited Paperwork

We handle the formalities, making the process smooth and simple.

Documentation required:

  • Copy of your ID
  • Copy of Title Deed
  • Copy of Building Permit
  • Consent of owner if other than the applicant
  • Copy of recent EAC bill
  • Past EAC bills – 1-2 years – which will be used to assess your average consumption

With the above, we will handle all the necessary applications and licensing.


Hassle-free Installation

Through our skilled and professional associates, we can handle even the most complicated projects.

All our associates and their staff are fully trained and specialized in installing PV systems on flat and inclined roofs or any other appropriate areas. All installations are implemented in accordance with the required national and international standards.


Superior Aftersales Care

Supervision, maintenance and the provision of technical support after the installation and operation of your PV system are things we take very seriously.

Continuous online monitoring of almost all PV systems in real time by our engineers ensures the uninterrupted operation of each system and minimises any losses in energy production.


No Hidden Fees

Installing a PV System with EFS CYPRUS will not affect your budget.

Your total yearly payments to EFS CYPRUS and EAC combined will be similar to your current Electricity bill. After 5 years – 60 monthly instalments – you will own the PV System without any additional costs.


Guaranteed Profits

Completely yours after 5 years with guaranteed savings on your Energy costs for the next 25-30 years.

The lifespan of PV systems can exceed 30 years with minimal maintenance.

The Benefits of Going Solar with EFS Cyprus

    • Net-Metering Solution
    • 100%, ‘All to Gain’ solutions
    • Fixed Monthly Instalments
    • No impact on the Family Budget
    • Guaranteed Yearly Savings
    • Complete ownership after 5 years
    • Insurance, maintenance & monitoring included

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    All About Net Metering

    What is Net Metering?

    Net-metering is a method that offsets the amount of electricity imported from the grid to the premise against the electricity generated from the PV system and exported to the grid. The energy generated from the PV system is consumed locally on-site and any surplus that has not been used is transferred to the following two-month billing period. Any deficit is billed, within that billing period. The final cleaning will be stated on the last bill of the financial year (February/March). Any surplus may not be transferred to the next billing year.

    What size system should I install?

    In order to select properly the size of the PV system that will be installed the annual consumption of each premise, as well as the expected electrical production of the PV system, which will be calculated using simulation programs for that specific area, must be taken into account.

    For premises with a single-phase electric power, a single-phase PV system with a power output of up to 4.16 kWp can be installed. For premises with a three-phase electric power,  a three-phase PV system with a power output of up to 10.4kWp can be installed.

    Up to what percentage of my household's energy needs can be covered?

    It will depend on the size of the system installed. It can vary from 30% up to 95%.

    What will be my annual saving?

    Your annual saving will depend on the size of the PV System installed. Annual saving can range from 30-95%. Through the Techno-Economical survey that is done in advance of the Installation, you will know the extend of annual savings.

    Where can the system be Installed?

    A Net-Metering PV system can be installed on flat or inclined roofs of existing legitimate-constructed buildings. Particular attention must be placed on the choice of the installation area of the PV modules to avoid any shading, especially during the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    How much space will it require?

    For the installation of a 1 kW PV system on an inclined roof, with PV modules sized 2.185 m x 1.005 m, a net surface area of about 5 m² is required. Thus a 3 / 5 kW PV system requires 15 m² and 25 m² respectively.

    For the installation of a 1 kW PV system on a flat roof, with PV modules sized 2.185 m x 1.005 m, a net surface area of about 5 m² is required. Thus a 3 / 5 kW PV system requires 25 m² and 45 m² respectively.

    Am I eligible?

    Any individual who has been a permanent resident in Cyprus for 6 consecutive months and is the owner of the household where the PV system will be installed or has the written consent of the owner of the residential unit, has the right to apply for a household PV system. The applicants for residential PV systems must be listed in residential tariff code.

    All About Going Solar

    Why should I switch to Solar?

    Solar Power is a renewable, reliable and clean energy source. It reduces our dependence on dirty energy sources like oil, coal, and natural gas, which produce harmful emissions that affect our health and our environment.

    Solar power is self-sufficient and installing solar panels on your roof is a safe and easy path to contribute to a sustainable future. Solar power will help you generate free power for your system’s entire lifecycle. In that way, you will reduce, or even eliminate your electric bills.

    What is installed as part
    of a solar system?

    Each home is different, and the equipment we install can vary from house to house. In general, here is what you can expect:
    – Solar Panels: they convert sunlight into direct current electricity (DC)
    – Inverter: it converts your energy into alternating current electricity (AC) so it can be used in your home
    – Net Meter: it allows you to export your surplus energy back to the grid

    Is my home good for Solar?

    Multiple factors can define if your home is well suited for solar:
    – Your location
    – The angle of your roof
    – How much shade it gets throughout the day
    – The age of the home

    How many Solar panels will
    my home need?

    It will depend on how much power you need, how much the sun can reach the ground where you are, and how much direct sun will hit your roof.

    Does the weather affects the
    production of PV solar Panels?

    The production fluctuates each season. Maximum production occurs during summer and less during winter. The panels in general will continue to produce even on cloudy or rainy days.

    Is it better to Rent-To-Own or buy a Solar System?

    Whether you Rent-to-Own or buy a Solar System, you will save money on your Energy bill.

    With EFS Cyprus, you will be paying a total yearly amount to the Company and EAC that will be similar to your current Electricity bill. In this respect you are converting your current Energy expense to a Solar Investment without affecting your budget.

    Will I notice any changes after I go solar?

    After you switch to solar, you will not notice any differences. In fact, all your appliances and equipment that use electricity will work exactly as they did before. The only difference you will notice is how you will pay for your power. You will be paying for EFSC Cyprus a monthly payment that is lesser than your existing electricity bill.

    How long does the installation
    usually take?

    The actual installation process of having the Solar PV System installed on your roof can take one to two days. It will depend on the needed work.
    The application and licensing procedure through EAC (Electricity Authority of Cyprus) will take 6-8 weeks.

    All About EV Chargers

    Where can I charge my car?

    You can charge your car:
    – At home in a private garage/driveway, or at a designated parking spot / shared parking facility (common for apartments)
    – At work at your office building’s parking facility
    – In public along streets, on the highway and at any public parking facility you can think of, e.g. shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, hospitals etc.

    Are EV chargers compatible with solar

    Yes. In fact, EV charging system can be easily integrated with the existing solar system without the need to dismantle it. You will be charging your electric car with the power generated from your solar system.

    How much maintenance does
    a charger need?

    Very little. If installed properly and built modularly, every piece can be easily replaced.

    How long does it take
    to charge my car?

    Many factors can affect your charging time:
    – Your current level of battery charge
    – Your battery capacity
    – Your charging station’s capacity and settings
    – The capacity of your charging station’s energy source.

    Plug-in hybrids require 1-4 hours to be fully charged, while full-electric cars require 4-8 hours (from 0 to 100%). On average, cars are parked at home for up to 14 hours a day, and at work for around 8 hours a day. With a charging station at your disposal, all this time can be used to top up your car to 100%. With a regular socket, it will take 6 to 8 hours to fully charge your car; with a charging station, it will take 1 to 4 hours and with a fast charger, it will take around 20 to 30 minutes.