Solar Professionals

While your customers may be aware that Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Systems can save them money, it is likely that many cannot afford the initial investment. That’s where EFS Cyprus comes in; we can offer your clients, — both businesses and homeowners — an alternative solution, where they can install a PV system today, with Zero down payment and pay over a 60 month period with predetermined fixed monthly instalments.

Approved contractors of EFS Cyprus are part of an affordable, business-building solution that includes:

No sign-up fees

There are no sign-up
fees for your company or
your customers.

Fast online applications

Your customers will know within three business days if they qualify for
EFS Cyprus’ Rent-to-Own schemes.


As a vetted EFS Cyprus contractor, your
businesses’ name will
be available
to potential customers.

Great training tools

We want to help build your business! As an EFS Cyprus contractor, you and your staff will receive comprehensive training on our Rent-to-Own schemes and its benefits.


By becoming an EFS Cyprus
approved contractor, you will:

    • Grow your business and increase revenue
    • Offer alternative financial options to your customers
    • Open new markets for services and installation

Contractor Qualifications

Contractors must meet the following minimum requirements in order to be qualified:

    • Complete the contractor application process
    • Be in business for at least one year
    • Possess all necessary licenses and permits
    • Be subject to an annual evaluation by EFS Cyprus after initial approval


Application Process

If you are interested in becoming a participating contractor, please fill in the following fields:

    How old is your business?

    Select Business Type :